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Our Organization

HSPGO was founded by two high school students to provide guidance for middle schoolers looking into the high school application process in hopes of helping students that don’t have access to a counseling program or a strong support for the application process at school. HSPGO strives to inform students of all the opportunities and options that exist when it comes to high schoo admission through services such as webinars, one-on-one meetings, and online timelines. 

Meet Our Team!

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Grace Z.

Grace lives in Sydney, Australia with her brother and two pet cats. She is currently a s sophomore at the Thacher School. Her favorite subjects are English, Music, and Science but it changes from time to time. She is a passionate musician, composer, writer, and inspiring programmer. 


Margaret Z.

Margaret lives in southern California with her parents and sister. She is currently a sophomore at the Thacher School and enjoys playing basketball, listening to audiobooks, and trying new recipes in her free time. At school, Margaret is passionate about studying history, Spanish, and math.

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