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Explore a variety of different timelines on when to start writing applications, prepping for tests, preparing for interviews, and more to better organize your personal application process. All of the below calendars and schedulers are free so please use them to your own benefit. We promise that they will be a huge aid to you throughout the process!

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Application Monthly Timeline

This scheduler has both a timeline of roughly when you should be complete with each steps in your application and also a calendar to plan your events out in each month. We recommend printing this out and placing it somewhere you can see all the time. 


Standardised Testing Timeline

The Standardized Testing Timeline has two pages. The first page is a run-down of each month and recommendations we have for prep-times and exam times. The second page is an opportunity for you to write your personal goals and plans for the testings. 


Weekly Calendar Template

This is just a plan-out-your-week calendar that we have put together. We understand that this can be a stressful process to balance school work, hanging out with friends and applications so we have created some recommendations and fun designs for you to plan out your every week!

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